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How To Make 200+/day
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Hosted by Chris Farrell & Andrew Lock
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Who Are We?

We are Andrew & Chris, aka The Bitcoin Brits.  Basically, we're online educators who believe in simplifying complex topics in plain English, so everyone can understand.

It's been a 2 year journey to fully understand the amazing opportunities in the world of Crypto investing.

At times, it felt overwhelming, but persistence paid off, and you now get the benefit of our discoveries!

We're excited to share with you how it's possible to make $200+/day in passive income using something called Yield Farming.

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In This Web Class You'll Discover...

How to Get Incredible Daily Returns 

Discover how to earn passive income every day with something called "Yield Farming"

How to Multiply Your Wealth

Learn the secrets to multiplying your wealth, faster than anytime before in history!

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Brace yourself for a $10 Trillion crypto earthquake disrupting traditional banking

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